Wednesday, July 13, 2016

42 weeks 42 marathons 42 places - all for a cause

With my AnnaBond on the 2nd campaign @Cubbon Park
CAMPAIGN STATUS ON 26-APR-2017 - completed

2016 is a very special year for me.  I have turned 42 and the number 42 is a very significant number for every single marathon runner. Like how it does to me, the number 42 would instantly salivate and kick in the adrenaline in a runners body.

On April 26th, 6 days after I turned 42 years, I never imagined that my urge to be a first responder to a road accident (involving a biker in Bangalore) would impact and alter my thinking.  (Story here...).  That eventful night drove me to start a social initiative and a campaign for spreading the awareness on road safety.  During the last few months, I have witnessed several emergency situations and was fortunate to provide support to victims on the train to Hyderabad & on the road #helpkirantoday

I am so much excited to combine my passion for running and at the same time build awareness with "Be Safe, Be there to Save!" initiative through my ambitious, yet to register NGO "Sahaya-Let's Raise The Spirits"  (More about the initiative here...)

I will be running 42 consecutive weekends 42 marathon distances in 42 different places (#424242running) (~6:30 hrs to 7:30 hrs on every single run) in and around Bangalore (campaign started on the 2nd of July and will end on April 2017).   During these campaign runs, I'll be wearing special banners with road safety awareness messages written in them and go through several busy roads and intersections.   I'll also personally hand over the Orange (for adults) and Yellow (for children) pledge cards.

Orange (adults) and Yellow (children)- Road safety pledge cards
I fully aware that it will be very physically demanding to run a full marathon every weekend.  But, I'm very committed to doing this since I believe combining a very important social cause with my own passion for running is something that I consider as 'fun to do!'.  This is going to be possible only since I know my family is fully behind this.  I also have few amazing friends who are super enthusiastic about this initiative and they want to collaborate with me.

Do connect with me on the Facebook page dedicated to this cause and contact me if you would like to join one of the weekends - it doesn't matter whether it is 3 km or 10 km or even the entire 42kms stretch.  Fun and fulfillment are guaranteed.

(view the Facebook page here... - join the Sahaya community and support the cause)

I sincerely believe that through this campaign, along with my friends, network of professionals and the large running community that I'm connected with (my assets), I can bring in a positive transformation of the society.

Somewhere on the road - with my son during the first run! #424242running 
About me,

I'm an ACE certified personal trainer, an Ultra Marathon runner, and a running coach.  A writer here and there and always enjoys the basic act of sharing and teaching others.  I left my corporate job after 24 years of working and have founded KaysFIT Academy, with a mission to promote overall wellness, provide best possible fitness coaching & mentoring, and fitness education.  

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