Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bangalore Ultra Marathon - another wonderful Ultra

Ultra race #5

Event: Bangalore Ultra 2015 - 50k (Bib 5051)
Date: 7-Nov-2015
Time: 5:19:30 my fastest 50k.  Happy to have chopped 40 mins from the last time I ran this course in 2013 (27th rank).
Overall position: 10th rank out of 101

Looking back, at the start line of the 2013 Bangalore Ultra, I was so anxious for attempting anything longer than a full marathon for the first time.   Everything was fine till the first 35k and I started bonking after that.  From that point, I din't have much control, finally finished the race with so much pain, fatigue and a big fulfillment.  It certainly tested my physical and mental strength.  That was the beginning of my love for Ultra / endurance races.  It took almost 10 days for me to recover from it.

2 months back when I registered for the 2015 Bangalore Ultra, I was ambitious to run the 75k - reality struck (knew I wasn't really prepared) after the Bangalore Marathon and I changed my race category to 50k.  I also decided to measure my performance against that of 2013.

2 years later, yesterday at the start line I was much more confident. After the Bangalore Marathon, I focused on strengthening my quad and back and included few speed runs.  I was fine till the first 40k and slowed down after that.  I was deliberately fast to see how long I could endure.  I used this race to try out few other things and at the end walked away with plenty of learning.

Pic credit: RFL Bangalore Ultra

The last few days of downpour in Bangalore had left its damage.  The trail was wet, slushy, slippery and had some surprising tree stubs on the ground making it even difficult to walk in some stretches.  The weather at 6.00 am was simply awesome.  Cold, misty, humid and lots of dew in the air.

The course had plenty of bamboo branches protruding dangerously in many places, cutting and tearing the skin.  All the runners have to carefully maneuver and avoid them.  There were many who had cuts and bruises, twisted ankles...  I was so glad to have finished this tough and mentally challenging trail without any injury.  My fuel and hydration was near perfect and the support received on the course was fabulous.  The sun was up when I was returning back from the second loop, but did not bother me much.  I finished the race with a last 2 kms sprint.

I was extremely delighted when I learnt I finished the race in the 10th place out of 101 runners (7 in my category).

A day after the race - my recovery has been very good.  No significant pain anywhere and I'm feeling great about it.

Another wonderful RFL event.

Pic: Overall results - individual results link

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