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Sobha Althea and Azalea Independence Marathon - Final Race Instructions

Final Race Instructions
Thank you for registering for the ​second edition of the AA Independence Day Marathon.
Please review all information in this email, as it contains your final race instructions. There is important information about ​the last minute BIBS pickup, ​safety instructions and ​rules for the race course. If you registered another person (especially a child​ or a senior member of your family​) it is your responsibility to share this information with them and make certain they understand the rules and safety of the ​event.


We have 118 registrations so far and 80 BIBS were already collected so far.  Due to limited time to complete the BIBS distribution today I'll make an attempt to drop the BIBS with your names written on them in your letter box.  The registration ends today at 3.00 pm - so hurry up to call me on my cell phone to join this beautiful running event.


The BIBS must be worn in the FRONT side of your race day shirt - make sure you fasten them with the safety pins provided to you.  

Starting point & Time

lease be on time
​ to ensure we start the race on time.​

3k Walkathon and 3k Kids Run will start at 
6.00 am
5k Marathon will start at 6.45 am​ - there will be a 5 mins warm up session before the flag off.  

Please gather in front of the club house - the race start point for both the events.

Running route information

Please see the attachment for the running route for both the categories
​.  3k and 5k runners will go around Althea block and Azalea.  5k runners will have to run the ramp behind the Althea - please follow the route directions carefully.  A humble request to runners not to take any short cuts.

F​inishers tracking

Like in the olden days we will be tracking and counting the number of loops completed by runners by manually recording your
​BIB ​
numbers.  A lot of care will be taken in recording each and every runner.  Please be aware that its a manual process and prone to errors.  At the end of the race - we expected to pick the top 2 finishers in each category and the prizes will be announced post the flag hoisting event.  The results of the race and your timing records will be published sometimes during this weekend.

Safety guidelines / warnings

​Running a marathon short or long comes with few risks and can be damaging sometimes.  Risk related to heart, tripping & falling injuries, sprains etc.,
  • Do not push yourself - you can't produce anything new on the event day if you are not trained for it
  • Listen to your body - take a call whether to stop or keep going
  • Stop running if you experience any kind of pain
  • Be considerate to fellow runners and give way to other runner wishing to over take you, do not push or block anyone
  • Hydrate very well during the run (~100-200 ml of water every 10-15 mins) - also hydrate well today - throughout the day.  Eat some small snack (a banana, cup of coffee, bowl of cornflakes or some fresh fruits before the race - certainly not all of them :) ).  Do not run / walk empty stomach.
We will provide only basic first aid.  Please do take a good care of yourself!

Final Words

Have Fun! We have everything from first timers to
​, very young (5 years to run) to old (80 years),​
​this event
​We also have our tiniest participant, a 1 year old baby on a pram and few pets - all peppies, candies and toffees and brownies......(don't mistake them as race day refreshments :)) The Independence run 
is a fun race. If you are first or last
​, it doesn't matter - ​
we want you to have a good time. Please be supportive of your fellow-runner and treat everyone with respect before, during, and after the race. We will have
volunteers to make sure you have a good time. Please don't leave our race without taking the time to say "thank you" to at least one of
​the volunteers.

Good luck - enjoy the run!!!



Questions??? Reach out to K

​Race day instructions - inspired from

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