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AA Independence Day Marathon - Second Edition - a humbling experience

Dear Residents,

A bit long one....huh! you know its all about a marathon and simply can't be a short one anyway :)

I would like congratulate all the participants and finishers of the second edition of our AA Independence Day Marathon concluded on the 15th morning.  Despite the cold and the chilly weather, it was fabulous to see our senior members of the society, young and few pets...arriving at the start line with so much enthusiasm.  This year we had 89 participants ~10% increase from 2014 - including 5 pets.   I'm very happy that we concluded this event without anyone complaining about injuries.

I would like to thank the cultural committee for displaying a fabulous show, Yamin Khan for his candid and superb pictures (I bet these pictures are already floating in your Facebook pages....with so many likes already), Race volunteers including, Anand, Sahan, Shankar, Sajit, Sudhakar, Alban and his team, the security guards, house keeping staff - and last but not the least....all the residents who came down and cheered the runners to make this day a remarkable one.

I'm happier this time that we could give away 18 trophies for the podium finishers (as against just the 8 last year).  It was fun planning for this event - right from the announcements, building the momentum, making and distributing BIBS, ordering the trophies, designing the stickers and getting them delivered at the neck of the moment..... Aditya (my son) designed / painted the special bone shaped neck tags for the pets participated in this marathon with unique 'paw prints' as secret codes for their bib numbers.  ("Hey! have you checked their pet Facebook pages :)?? - it was an amazing sight to see all the pets running the marathon and leading their masters....till the finish line.

With the combination of the mega Badminton tournament and this Marathon event, it is proved that as a society we all love sports and its just that we just need excuses to be involved in a grand scale.  I would like to encourage each one of you to create that 'excuse', every single day - call a buddy to run with or to play a game of badminton or even tennis.  Elation is guaranteed at the end - especially the feeling of the 'runners high' after a run.

The running bug has bitten me for the last 4 years and on May 31st 2015, I had experienced something unique for the first time in my life.  Some of you already know that I finished an Ultra Marathon in South Africa - I've compiled my experience and would like to share it with you..........  When I started running I started with a random 10k run with my friend and eventually ended up falling in love with running Ultra Marathons- I believe this could even happen to you.  One needs a strong passion and perseverance to get there but the results are amazing - could become fitter, stronger and happier too.  You may wonder and ask "Yes - this is for someone who can run but what about others who can't or simply feel that running is not their cup of .....?" - There is an answer.  You can walk or you can even do Yoga, play doesn't matter what or how you do it but make sure you keep moving, but move with a purpose - to become fitter, stronger and happier!

Please encourage your children to write about it, attach it with the picture that Yamin has in the memory goes a long way in their life.

I've summarized the category wise stats/results summary below - again CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and the finishers!

Last but not the least, as an organizer I feel that 'my job is done' if at least one of you respond to this mail describing your experience.


5k Open

Total participants 14 men, 17 women

Francois (B-12) - First place (men)
Roy (#2091) - Second place (men)
Amanda (B-18) - First place (women)
Jaya (#3073 - Second place (women)

Note: Rob (#3134) was the fastest runner of the day covering 5 kms in little over 22 mins.  He was kind enough to pass his trophy to the next position winner.   I would like to thank Rob for his wonderful gesture

5k Open <18 years, 12 boys, 5 girls

Total participants 12 boys, 5 girls

Thomas (#1092) - First place - boys
Nikhil (#2014) - Second place - boys
Amrutha (#2064) - First place - girls
Shreya (#2014) - Second place - girls

3k Walkathon - Senior (60-69 years), 

Total participants 6 men, 3 women

Mr. Rahul (#2131) - First place - men
Mr. Vijay (#3073)  - Second place - men
Mrs. Preethi (#2131) - First place - women
Mrs. Srimathi (#3071)  - Second place - women

3k Walkathon - Super Senior (>70 years)

Total participants 3 men

Mr. Raman (#2092) - First place - men
Mr. Joseph  (#2023)  - Second place - men

3k Kids <10 years 

Total participants 15 boys, 9 girls

Joseph  (#B-18) - First place - boys
Aditya (#1122)  - Second place - boys
Anjali (#2102) - First place - girls
Dhriti  (#2041) - Second place - girls

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sobha Althea and Azalea Independence Marathon - Final Race Instructions

Final Race Instructions
Thank you for registering for the ​second edition of the AA Independence Day Marathon.
Please review all information in this email, as it contains your final race instructions. There is important information about ​the last minute BIBS pickup, ​safety instructions and ​rules for the race course. If you registered another person (especially a child​ or a senior member of your family​) it is your responsibility to share this information with them and make certain they understand the rules and safety of the ​event.


We have 118 registrations so far and 80 BIBS were already collected so far.  Due to limited time to complete the BIBS distribution today I'll make an attempt to drop the BIBS with your names written on them in your letter box.  The registration ends today at 3.00 pm - so hurry up to call me on my cell phone to join this beautiful running event.


The BIBS must be worn in the FRONT side of your race day shirt - make sure you fasten them with the safety pins provided to you.  

Starting point & Time

lease be on time
​ to ensure we start the race on time.​

3k Walkathon and 3k Kids Run will start at 
6.00 am
5k Marathon will start at 6.45 am​ - there will be a 5 mins warm up session before the flag off.  

Please gather in front of the club house - the race start point for both the events.

Running route information

Please see the attachment for the running route for both the categories
​.  3k and 5k runners will go around Althea block and Azalea.  5k runners will have to run the ramp behind the Althea - please follow the route directions carefully.  A humble request to runners not to take any short cuts.

F​inishers tracking

Like in the olden days we will be tracking and counting the number of loops completed by runners by manually recording your
​BIB ​
numbers.  A lot of care will be taken in recording each and every runner.  Please be aware that its a manual process and prone to errors.  At the end of the race - we expected to pick the top 2 finishers in each category and the prizes will be announced post the flag hoisting event.  The results of the race and your timing records will be published sometimes during this weekend.

Safety guidelines / warnings

​Running a marathon short or long comes with few risks and can be damaging sometimes.  Risk related to heart, tripping & falling injuries, sprains etc.,
  • Do not push yourself - you can't produce anything new on the event day if you are not trained for it
  • Listen to your body - take a call whether to stop or keep going
  • Stop running if you experience any kind of pain
  • Be considerate to fellow runners and give way to other runner wishing to over take you, do not push or block anyone
  • Hydrate very well during the run (~100-200 ml of water every 10-15 mins) - also hydrate well today - throughout the day.  Eat some small snack (a banana, cup of coffee, bowl of cornflakes or some fresh fruits before the race - certainly not all of them :) ).  Do not run / walk empty stomach.
We will provide only basic first aid.  Please do take a good care of yourself!

Final Words

Have Fun! We have everything from first timers to
​, very young (5 years to run) to old (80 years),​
​this event
​We also have our tiniest participant, a 1 year old baby on a pram and few pets - all peppies, candies and toffees and brownies......(don't mistake them as race day refreshments :)) The Independence run 
is a fun race. If you are first or last
​, it doesn't matter - ​
we want you to have a good time. Please be supportive of your fellow-runner and treat everyone with respect before, during, and after the race. We will have
volunteers to make sure you have a good time. Please don't leave our race without taking the time to say "thank you" to at least one of
​the volunteers.

Good luck - enjoy the run!!!



Questions??? Reach out to K

​Race day instructions - inspired from

Saturday, August 8, 2015

AA Independence Marathon - 2015 (2nd Edition)

AA Independence Marathon - 8 DAYS TO GO

6.00 AM

3 km's Senior Citizen Walkathon (First and Second prize for male and female)
3 km's <10 years (First and Second prize for boys and girls)

6.45 AM 

5k Open Race (First and Second prize male and female)


Ever since the announcements for the Independence Day Marathon was made, there has been a lot of enthusiasm about this event.  There are several kids and adults have come forward and shown interest in participating in this second edition of this mini Marathon.  

I've been chatting and encouraging whoever I've been meeting to participate in this lively experience.  I have also come across many of you having a general apprehension in participating in this event since you feel its all about 'running'.  

The good news is any one can participate, you can run, you can walk and run, you can walk and just walk, you can run slower, faster, or even run like all hell broke backwards....side wards....hop, run upside down....doesn't really matter.  Whatever you do, be assured its going to be fun and a lot of fun!!! No one will judge you and if you have to prove something to someone....its none other than just YOU!!

It is not a competitive event and we are going to gather on the Independence Day, to be there together, be connected with each other on that day for a single have fun!!! 

Bring your parents, young kids, toddlers, babies on prams, pet animals, anyone on wheelchair, walking sticks, fancy running gear, barefoot, GPS watch - we might be different by our looks and appearances but one thing is for will find a beautiful smile in each others face....  reason is simple!! running is actually a fun activity only when you experience it and be there in such events.  Ultimate is reached when you are there for you!!! or for your friends or even for a cause.  

Please note that BIBS with your running number will be issued on the following days,

WEDNESDAY between 5.45 pm to 7.15 pm
THURSDAY between 5.45 pm to 7.15 pm

Request you personally come / send your kids and collect the bibs also get your name properly written in it for tracking.  Please note that we have the BADMINTON tournament FINALS on the Friday and I'll not be in a position to distribute the bibs on that day.  

Hurry up!!! please provide your entries for the Marathon event in a separate sheet.....

Do you know there are crazy people out there who do crazy things (some for good causes) by running!!! here is a short digest...

Many of us love bees in our you know what Farai Chinomwe also called as the Rasta Man is known for?
Farai Chinomwe is one of the world’s most surprising marathon runners. His unusual running technique certainly brings him attention with loud shouts of “Hey Rasta Man!”, jeers and whistles as he runs past. Farai has run a number of short marathons and fun runs backwards but it was only when he ran the 56km two oceans marathon in 2015, backwards, that Farai noticed that he was being noticed. It’s difficult to not notice someone doing something very different.
​..........MORE HERE...

Some of us love domestic animals and few others love the wild many of you love the rhinoceros? you will be amazed to know about this Rhino Runner.....who is known for running marathons and ultra marathons with a super heavy costume weighing 11 kgs..........isn't that crazy?..........MORE HERE

Also there are the vertical runners....who can go up in super lightening speed....
Australia's Suzy Walsham earned her record-setting fifth title, while Norway's Thorbjørn Ludvigsen captured his first. Walsham and Ludvigsen (above) climbed the 1,576 stairs in 11:57 and 10:06, respectively.
​......MORE HERE

P.s - request parents to share this with your young ones....who knows one day we will find a crazy runner from our own community!!!



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