Thursday, March 6, 2014

Did running make me a great employee?

I recently read a blog written by Oliver on why runners usually make great employees.  I totally enjoyed reading it and thanks to Oliver for reflecting what I truly believe in - link here....

I started running since 2011 and never stopped after that.  Ever since I started running, many positive things have happened in my life.  

What did running do to me and to my life? 

Did it change anything to my work life?

Lets see...

1. a disciplined person… plan, practice (train harder), execute – my races or my projects 

2. camaraderie, appreciation for people and their work and not to compare with others which is totally meaningless.  If there is one, its only within me vs. what I was a month, a year or even a decade before –  greater appreciation for my fellow runners and their capabilities, however week or strong they are vs. appreciation towards my colleagues. I cheer for others when I run and I cheer at my fellow  colleagues whenever I can 

3. how to achieve something in my personal and professional life which is complicated, longer, tougher not to forget very painful – my tough races vs. challenging project situations to deal at work

4. better risk manager - participating in any event, 1000+ things can go wrong...rain, weather, terrain, blisters, fuel, hydration, shoes… - during my runs or while running my projects 

5. to set goals, small or big and chop them into bits and pieces, work towards achieving them successfully – my race plan and preparations vs. my life / career plans 

6. smile when in pain and bounce back really fast, laughter guaranteed - when I’m hurt during a run or a workout or even due to a misunderstanding at the workplace

7. celebrate every milestone… - whenever I touch the finish line or complete a task or project successfully however small or big they are

8. run towards conflict or anything that I never thought that I could do....continuously indulge and learn something, totally enjoy everything that happens on the way, be it success or a different result  - coming out my comfort zone and starting something absolutely new at work or. running the Comrades in 2014 

9. exercise patience and endure to success - my grueling training and races vs. approaching a tough task or even a nasty escalation

Lastly, I have started enjoying the nature more and its beauties....

I have also managed to inspire a few

its just a short journey so far and a million miles more to explore...

Finally, did running make me a great employee?  I don't know about that, but it certainly made (continuing to make) me a better person.....


I would like to remember and give credits to the three cheerleaders of my life, my wife Meera to be the best critic, my son Aditya to inspire and get inspired by me (a fine athlete in making too) and my sweetest daughter Anjali who totally enjoys my fun filled workout sessions with her and her friends

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