Wednesday, June 5, 2013

message: purpose of Kaysrunnersclub

The Kay’s runners club was started with an idea to spread the awareness of fitness and fun/benefits of running. The weekend activities that all of us do together is focused to 'getting fit' not only to run faster or longer or for fun but also to stay healthy, strong and get prepared for your other sports hobbies. Staying at the top of the fitness help to play various games better and do a lot of outdoor activity regularly. I've realized that there are many of you out there are interested in staying really fit and active but not have long distance running as your interests. Perfectly understood!! Please be reminded that Kays runners club is certainly a place for you too. Please feel free to stop by the Amphitheater on a weekend morning and try a routine or two to get a hang of how it could really help you stay fit and strong.

The last week left me with a feeling of excitement due to a short vacation / long drive to Pune with my family, and a feeling of stupidity due to my ankle sprain right in the middle of my 24 km run on Saturday. At the 16th km I started feeling the pain and it became really unbearable at around 17. I managed to change to my support shoes to get some extra cushion. The discomfort lasted till 18 km. I decided to push to complete my 24 km target and it was a good run at the end. Thanks to Anand for the timely electrolyte drink at the end. I used my Camel back for the second time and the hydration was never a problem. I also tried the GU (Vanilla Bean) 15 mins before and one after the first 45th min of running. After crossing 21 km I was totally drained out and the last 3 km was finished with an average 7.4 mins pace which was really slow. Aditya, my son, joined me for a sprint challenge at the end ended up going ahead of me by 50 meters when I hit the 24 km mark. I was able to breathe and talk well, but simply didn't have any charge left to propel forward. Later I realized that I should have had some fuel after 1 hr 30 mins of run. I'll remember this.

The monsoon has started and I loved the way Anand is enjoying his evening run through the rain drops on his bare foot runs. I'm simply amazed by his determination and with his 16 km run on Sunday take him very closer to his half Marathon goal. Let’s wish a big good luck for his training routines. Samatv has already crossed his 5 km target.....and Aditya ran another 9+ km with Anand on Saturday. Sunny joined us back after a long vacation and he looked stronger than before....he also demonstrated his coaching skills after his summer camp at Just Cricket - our Sunday sessions will certainly include 'writing numbers in the air' by lying keeping the legs in the air :)

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