Monday, May 6, 2013

Running & Goal Setting

We all go through a cycle of emotions when we think about our goals.  The day you are very energetic you would want to think about 'I'll do this...' 'I'll complete this....' etc., but at the same time staying committed becomes difficult if there is no clear goal set to accomplish them.  Due to this reason, I stopped taking New Year resolutions as the resolutions started becoming meaningless if I couldn't stay committed in executing them.  
It’s the same thing when it comes to fitness or running.  If someone's goal is to 'Generally to stay fit', due to lack of a definition for a measurable fitness levels, sometimes one tends to lose the focus, skip the training routines or even indulge in eating certain stuff which will not help you in staying.  Instead of saying 'Generally fit...' have a challenging goal associated instead.  It could be something like,
'I want to play tennis with Jimmy (a friend of yours who plays tennis better) for 1 hour continuously and still have energy to play for another 1 hr.'
'I want to run 5 kms in 40 mins before end of June and still have energy to run another 3-4 kms without any pain anywhere in the body'
'I want to go for a mountain hiking at 'place' and back to work to the next day'
'I want to lose 2 kgs weight in before 30-May-2013' Or walk 15 stairs in Althea 3 times up and down....still want to do more :)
Make sure the goals are realistic (and a stretch one at the same time) and you are confident in achieving them.  Don't forget to attach a time limit for it - otherwise the goals would take forever to accomplish.
By setting goals like this - you are certain that there is a clear definition, you have something engraved in the wall and you have a certain plan to achieve it.  Also, achieving goals work very well when you go and share your goals with your friends, post it on your social network and share it with all your well-wishers.  Even if you forget it, someone who has read or heard it will definitely remind you.  Lastly do not forget to celebrate your milestones, however small they are whenever you cross them.   As parents support your children to accomplish their goals by helping them set the goal, cheer and motivate them time to time and attach a reward at the end.  It could be a trip to somewhere, a toy or a book or a nice pair of running shoes or anything they really like and would stay motivated to reach their targets.
There is a nice collection of material in the site and please refer to ‘Personal Goal Setting Link here...'
When it comes to running, if you are gunning for 10k, 21k or 42k races, the Marathon event calendar is a great place to start with. Beginning of each year the calendar of Marathon events in India is published and you can pick and choose the events.  Once the dates are marked in the calendar it becomes easy to decide the training plans to support it.   For the beginners, start with your first 5k or 10k or even 2k continuous running if you are really ready to begin running.
It’s just less than two weeks for the TCS 10 K event.  The route maps are already published in their sites (click for 10k route map here...).  Those who have signed up - please do share your preparations here.
I have also signed up for the Full Marathon category in the Aitel Hyderabad Marathon scheduled on 25th of Aug 2013.  Last year I had run the half marathon and it was a wonderful experience.  The course was tough as well as interesting (there are 2-3 flyovers + Banjara hills + added fun due to rain....).  The event was really organized well and the sponsorship is excellent.  There were adequate amount of food and drinks stocked in the fuel stations / post-race and literally Gatorade was pouring in the roads.  I'm planning to continue my training routine with increased weekend mileages and at least one day run in a month at the Nandi Hills.  I'm also looking forward to see at least one or two half marathoners from the club.

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