Friday, May 24, 2013

Running & Bangalore Monsoon Season

The summer is vanished and the rains have started.  It gives a heavenly feeling to suddenly find the temperature drops in Bangalore.  The first thing that hits you in the morning is the very energizing cool breeze and drives you mad to go for a long run.  We are lucky to get rains only in the evening and I hope this phenomena continues.  No longer we worry about sweating due to the dry or humid summer heat and there are all reasons to feel happy that we sweat due a hard workout.
Try running in the Horahalli Village roads in the early morning and you will certainly understand what I'm talking about.   Yesterday, the run became adventurous for me when I spotted another runner along the road.   Yes,  I came across a slithering runner this time... coolly sitting in the middle of the road. It took some time for me to realize that this snake was already run (;)) over by a bike.   Poor fella.. dint follow his parents advise for crossing roads ;).   Check out the picture attached. I'll soon post a video and share.
Alright,  please note the changes to our club timings from this week onwards.
Saturdays and Sundays we will meet at 8.00 am (hope to see more kids turning up).   This also provides space for the long weekend runs for those who signed up for the Hyderabad Marathon.
The schools are about to begin and the Saturday evening session will be planned only based on demand.
ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT I'LL NOT BE AVAILABLE THIS SUNDAY and request you to continue your strength workouts or long runs or cross training.
Its going to be 4 months since the club was started and I'm going to engage with each one of you again to revisit your plans and check were you have reached.  I'll start this from next week onwards.
Parents : please encourage your kids to be regular to join the weekend sessions and some form of physical activities during the week days.   Its proven that continuous physical exercise make the children very strong and active especially during the school days when they are bound to be stressed a lot.   I hope you would agree with me that it's a lot of fun working out together in a jolly manner.

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