Monday, May 13, 2013

Marathon vs. Sprinting

To experience the other end of Marathon, the whole of last week I read articles and watched videos about 'Sprinting' (running very fast in a short distance).  It was fascinating to understand how the combination of physical strength, muscles (to react fast), form and movement (to lean forward and generate speed), body weight, dietary needs, training plans etc., etc.; differ between a Marathoner vs. a Sprinter.  Eventhough both are considered to be 'running', they are really not the same.  During my young age, I was greatly inspired by the great Carl Lewis, Linford Christie etc., and I have a great respect for all the fastest men and women.  The amount of excitement this track event brings is unmeasurable and very daunting to learn how the slightest variations in the wind, humidity etc., affect the overall performance.  I was also proud to read about India's Payyoli Express / Golden Girl, P.T Usha (and her efforts to build wold class athletes) and 'Anil Kumar' (India's fastest runner) - one more from Kerala.  The Gods Own Country seems to have produced a lot of greatest athletes in India, their struggle to come up in life and compete with other elite International athletes.
I never had run during my school, polytechnic and engineering college and I was always a 'field' person trying my hands and feet on long jump, height jump, triple jump and polevault - I still miss those days.
p.s. I've decided to be happy to settle down as a Marathoner and decided not to threat Usain Bolt :)
The whole of last week I focused on the pace and tempo in preparation for my TCS 10K race on 19th.  It’s just 5 days left for the event and I'm all excited about the preparations.  It was amazing there are going to be around 11,000 runners participating the Open 10 K event (and a overall 22,500 runners for all the categories put together).  I felt comfortable with the route as Anand and I ran almost the entire course yesterday.  Wow Bangalore!!!!
For those who are not going to run on that day, I would strongly recommend you to come down to Kanteerva Stadium to witness this mega event and cheer your running friends.
Last week Hari, another runner had made to the 5K club.  With this, KRC has produced 8 achievers making to the 5K and 10K club.
5K Achievers Club - Sriram, Hari
10K Achievers Club - Aditya, Anand, Sunshrey, Nikhil, Meera, Ashwin
.....we also have several others in the making and love to see many more achievers filling these clubs during the coming months.  I'm also eager to find someone opening the account in the 21K club soon.  The immediate next opportunity is the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon in Aug.  I've already signed up for my first 'day time' Full Marathon and planning to focus on my trainings routines starting from next week.
The school holidays will soon come to an end and I'm awaiting the return of many energetic club members (small and big) who are still vacationing. 

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