Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer time workouts - missing children

Its completely proven that the children are in a serious vacation mood.  I don't find them running or cycling early in the morning.   Each one is having a lots of fun during the day time with unlimited supply of icecreams, endless chatting with buddies, summer camps, swimming under the hot sun, slumber parties and movies...the fun is unending.
I've been enjoying the summer time very much.  I've started going out in the Horahalli road till and beyond Ryan School for the past few days.  6.00 am is fabulous....I'm really missing my running partners who are camping in Holland and also busy with domestic chores.
I've started my training for the TCS World 10 K and I have a personal goal to finish the race below 52 mins (thats my best 10 k speed).  I'm also eager to find some more signing up for the event.  Its going to be fun.
Alright, lets meet tomorrow at 6.30 am.  Depending upon the interest levels lets head out outside Sobha - its really fresh outside.
I've found this web site with a lot of calculations.  If you are interested...don't miss the click.

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