Monday, April 29, 2013

Running in Summer

This month has been very exciting one for me. The peak of the summer had begun and I have been really enjoying the luscious mangoes (but, where are those lovely watermelons???) which had just arrived. How many of you know that Mangoes are really good for runners? I decided to Google and came across few interesting links about mangoes. First of all, mangoes are found to have generous amount of Vitamin C & A, and are have a lot of health benefits associated with them. Someone even had suggested using dried mangoes as long run fuel (wondering how it would be and haven't tried myself). Whatever mangoes are and can do, I had decided one thing. "Eat as many mangoes before the summer ends...." I simply love them (p.s someone made a comment that the club members have achieved the 'low hanging fruits (watermelons??? :))' - i.e reaching 5k and 10k goals. We still have a watermelon party pending for Meera's Pinkathon 10 kms success and as the watermelons have already disappeared, I'm ready to cut mangoes from now on. Be assured and relax, I'll bring enough mangoes for everyone :). As you know, goals have to be reached and personal records have to be broken. Go for it!!!! 

All my training during the month of April has been geared up for the TCS 10 K Race in May. It’s going to be just 20 days to the event and I'm very happy to find that Anand has already signed in. Congratulations Anand for the preparations!!! A variety of strength workouts, speed training, interval running, cycling, stretches and regular running are keeping me really motivated to give my best performance. Sunday was fabulous and will be remembered by me for a long time because for my fastest 10 K on a tread mill. It just took 50.23 mins this time (earlier best was ~52 mins). I had started with a moderate 10.6 kmph for about 4 kms...raised to 11.5 till 5...raised to 12.5....13.5 and finally finished the victory lap (the last one km) in 15 kmph speed. It was fun and at the same time I was very cautious running at that speed. Again, as always my goal was not to get injuries. I came home, took a nice shower and had a solid nap for about 30 mins. I recovered pretty well at the end of the day and I don't anticipate any sprains anywhere (which is a good sign). Also, I found that the last years Open 10 K race had the top 250 completing the 10 kms in sub 50 mins. Now I know what to target :)

Alright, this weekend had yet another sluggish participation from the club members. I hope to see more fellow members joining us right after the vacations are over. Hari is chilling off in Kerala and Amrita has promised to join us during next week. I have no news about the rest of the running enthusiasts. C'mon folks....tell us what you are doing out there!!!! :) During this weekend we were just Anand, Sriram, Samatv and myself and glad to welcome a new addition Mrs. Varnitha Janakiraman to our club. She is very determined and found to be on to a great start. Congratulations for the beginning Varnitha!!!

I also managed to give some finishing touches to our runners club's new Facebook page and launched it too. Please provide your feedback and don't forget to 'like' the club through your Facebook account. I've also started providing personal training and please reachout to me anyone is interested.

Do enjoy the next week and keep me posted regarding your developments.



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