Friday, April 5, 2013

Running in Summer preventions

The summer has really begun.  The chilly morning breeze has disappeared.  What one experiences is a constantly nagging heat wave coming whichever direction you run South, North, East, West, Up or Down.....  With all these hurdles, running can't stop. Its afterall a passion for all of us....and we are pretty serious about it.  Summer running can be enjoyable if one can avoid overheating.  The radiant effect of the sun can be felt in every single moment and it doestn't matter which time of the day we run. 
Thought of sharing few tips on running during summer from my experience,
  1. Avoid running in the sun....better to run before you say good morning to the sun or good night :)
  2. Use treadmill.....if you simply can't take the heat.
  3. Generally, using hats are not advisable....since its told that most of the heat from the body is discharged through the head and covering with hat simply worsens it.
  4. Hydration - never stop...... There are several luscious summer fruits availalbe during this season.  Watermelons....huh....Kay's club members know a lot about them.  We love them...
The last few days I've been really struggling to keep up with my running schedule.  At 7.00 in the morning, running at 10-11 K average, the amount of sweat that I produce is unbelievable.   The entire body is drenched....within few minutes.  I can only imagine shouting Eureka.....always I feel like running immediately after coming out of the water tub.  It saps you down and simply demotivates from running longer or faster.  I've cut down the long runs drastically and have started moving inside the gym to use the treadmill.  Flip side....I really don't like running in a treadmill especially facing the wall under dull lighting.....It also feels like running inside a bar....  Its absolutely boring.....May be next time I should get there with an iPad....may be watch a nice movie or a thumpting song sequence to stay energized and motivated.  
What are you going through?  I know atleast something about Sri...he enjoys running in the summer :)
The last week we had a very weak attendance.  Many of you are either travelling or simply hiding because its summer time :)
Tomorrow lets meet again at 6.30 am and do some crazy workout.  
Sunday is the Pinkathon day and from our society it will be Savitha and Meera who will be rocking the streets of Bangalore.  I'm proud to be their Chauffeur on Sunday morning taking them and getting 'em back.  The 10K race is starting at 6.30 am in the morning.  Please join me in wishing both Savitha and Meera for their successful runs.  Lets certainly plan for a Watermelon party soon since Meera will be completing her 10 k for the first time :).  Both the kids at home are pretty excited too and Meera was sweetly surprised by a lovely but creative card made by Aditya.  I've shared it here as an attachment.
Who else would like to join us to go to the Pinkathon?  I can accommodate two more adults in my car and it will be a fun ride for all of us.  At the same time we need some cheer leaders too..... Please confirm ASAP.
On Sunday lets meet at 5.00 pm since in the morning I'll not be available.

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