Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream Runners Club - Facebook Page Launched

Finally after 4 months since the my dream runners club was launched I have created a Facebook Page.    I have also posted all the important updates and mails sent through the society portal (group email created at my housing complex).  I believe the messaging is perfect now and I'll continue to fine tune it till I'm satisfied.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to fit all the details since Facebook has character limitations (it doesn't really say how much though) especially with the About and Mission sections.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting this together since this was the first time I'd started marketing my own setup in the social space :).

http://www.facebook.com/kaysrunnersclub - don't forget to click 'Like' and provide me a feedback if you care.

Kays Runners Club is founded for all running enthusiasts, anyone fit and run regularly or planning to start, and believe that their passion can bring smiles in someone who deserves by donating 83% of the monthly club fees.

...to have a hobby club to promote injury free, fun-filled-fitness & running experience and provide maximum support to Charity.
The motto is simply "Fit, Fun, Run"

Kays runners club was founded by Kannan Sundararajan (Kay) on 2-Feb-2013. Kay is a passionate runner and has run more than 10 Half and Full Marathons within the first one year of running since 2011.
Kay is extremely fond of coaching and enabling others and thoroughly enjoys helping teams and individuals reach their potential.
Kay also has more than 20 years of industry experience and had spent considerable amount of time in training, mentoring and development. Kay strongly believes in sharing his experiences with others and also fond of supporting underprivileged regularly.

Kays believes in fun filled coaching methods and helps discover the best athlete hidden in everyone.
They Kays club members believe in 'getting fit to run' and meet during the weekends / holidays to gain knowledge about fitness and running, and develop core strength and overall cardio-fitness . On special days Kay's members run outside by the county and hill side. The club members follow a proven but fun filled training methods to develop their overall fitness.

Talk to Kay to enroll today!!!

Kay's also offer personal training at a very nominal cost. 


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