Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon Blast in memories

I was deeply saddened by the Bomb Blast in the Boston Marathon during this week.  I've been to several Marathons and shock waves run through my spine to realize such cruel things can really happen in such events.  The cowardice bombers don't understand that such extremely wicked acts do not shatter the spirits of runners.
The last week was really a sluggish one for me.  I had to travel to Pune with my familiy and 4 days went off without any workout.  The only workout was given to both my feet.  They were busy pressing the ABC's of my car....wondering what they are...? ... huh.. for a ride that took more than 1800 kms to and fro.  Riding 1800 kms in 2 days within 3 days stretch sounds a crazy idea to many of you.  I agree...its really crazy but at the same time a lot of fun since the entire family was locked inside the 4 doors, a fun and quality time well spent.  Its a kind of looong distance Marathon the entire family moves with you :).
There could be many reasons for all of us to skip a training or running routine.  Work, Stress, Illness, Festivals, could be anything of that sort.  From my experience, taking a week off doesn't really affect your fitness much (but I bet the guilt kills....) but generally seem to improve the overall performance.  As you know, regular running and strenous training do not give much time for the body to recover.  All those microinjuries and strained muscles stay where they are and a week-long break is considered to be a welcoming one.  A word of caution, after a week or 10 days the you will tend to lose fitness very fast (faster than the time taken to build it).  Start slowly, build up the rhytm and get back to your form.  Do remember that there are no shortcuts to makeup for the missed routines.
Alright, I would like to welcome Mr. Janakiraman (Anand's dad) to our runners club.  I'm really proud that he is the oldest member at this time.  I'm very much inspired by his spirits at this age (he has been a very active person throughout his life).  His running posture and form is excellent and I would like all of you to join me in wishing him a good luck with his newly found passion.  The last weekend he made me spell bound by his 4 kms run on the Horahalli road.  Welcome to the club Sir!!  
I wanted to share some of the benefits listed in the Running for Old people from the (link here...) website at the end.  Its also exciting to see so many old runners participated in the recently concluded Boston Marathon (link here...).  Look at all categories after 50 years....Very inspiring...
Alright, the TCS Bangalore World 10K event is nearing.  Some of you have shown a lot of interest and I would urge you to go and register for the event.  April 30th will be the last day for the registration.  Join me fast.....

"The benefits of running for older people

an extract from

The health benefits of running are broadly the same for older people as for everybody else. They include reductions in the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer; reduced depression and anxiety; weight control; improved bones, muscles and joints; improved mobility and coordination, and a psychological sense of well-being.  What is especially important for older people is that the risk of developing these conditions grows as you get older, so the benefits of running are increased.    It is especially important for older people that running can improve muscle strength, coordination and bone density, all reducing the risk of falling and fracturing bones, and so increasing the prospects for living independently"

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