Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream Runners Club - Facebook Page Launched

Finally after 4 months since the my dream runners club was launched I have created a Facebook Page.    I have also posted all the important updates and mails sent through the society portal (group email created at my housing complex).  I believe the messaging is perfect now and I'll continue to fine tune it till I'm satisfied.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to fit all the details since Facebook has character limitations (it doesn't really say how much though) especially with the About and Mission sections.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting this together since this was the first time I'd started marketing my own setup in the social space :).

http://www.facebook.com/kaysrunnersclub - don't forget to click 'Like' and provide me a feedback if you care.

Kays Runners Club is founded for all running enthusiasts, anyone fit and run regularly or planning to start, and believe that their passion can bring smiles in someone who deserves by donating 83% of the monthly club fees.

...to have a hobby club to promote injury free, fun-filled-fitness & running experience and provide maximum support to Charity.
The motto is simply "Fit, Fun, Run"

Kays runners club was founded by Kannan Sundararajan (Kay) on 2-Feb-2013. Kay is a passionate runner and has run more than 10 Half and Full Marathons within the first one year of running since 2011.
Kay is extremely fond of coaching and enabling others and thoroughly enjoys helping teams and individuals reach their potential.
Kay also has more than 20 years of industry experience and had spent considerable amount of time in training, mentoring and development. Kay strongly believes in sharing his experiences with others and also fond of supporting underprivileged regularly.

Kays believes in fun filled coaching methods and helps discover the best athlete hidden in everyone.
They Kays club members believe in 'getting fit to run' and meet during the weekends / holidays to gain knowledge about fitness and running, and develop core strength and overall cardio-fitness . On special days Kay's members run outside by the county and hill side. The club members follow a proven but fun filled training methods to develop their overall fitness.

Talk to Kay to enroll today!!!

Kay's also offer personal training at a very nominal cost. 


Monday, April 29, 2013

Running in Summer

This month has been very exciting one for me. The peak of the summer had begun and I have been really enjoying the luscious mangoes (but, where are those lovely watermelons???) which had just arrived. How many of you know that Mangoes are really good for runners? I decided to Google and came across few interesting links about mangoes. First of all, mangoes are found to have generous amount of Vitamin C & A, and are have a lot of health benefits associated with them. Someone even had suggested using dried mangoes as long run fuel (wondering how it would be and haven't tried myself). Whatever mangoes are and can do, I had decided one thing. "Eat as many mangoes before the summer ends...." I simply love them (p.s someone made a comment that the club members have achieved the 'low hanging fruits (watermelons??? :))' - i.e reaching 5k and 10k goals. We still have a watermelon party pending for Meera's Pinkathon 10 kms success and as the watermelons have already disappeared, I'm ready to cut mangoes from now on. Be assured and relax, I'll bring enough mangoes for everyone :). As you know, goals have to be reached and personal records have to be broken. Go for it!!!! 

All my training during the month of April has been geared up for the TCS 10 K Race in May. It’s going to be just 20 days to the event and I'm very happy to find that Anand has already signed in. Congratulations Anand for the preparations!!! A variety of strength workouts, speed training, interval running, cycling, stretches and regular running are keeping me really motivated to give my best performance. Sunday was fabulous and will be remembered by me for a long time because for my fastest 10 K on a tread mill. It just took 50.23 mins this time (earlier best was ~52 mins). I had started with a moderate 10.6 kmph for about 4 kms...raised to 11.5 till 5...raised to 12.5....13.5 and finally finished the victory lap (the last one km) in 15 kmph speed. It was fun and at the same time I was very cautious running at that speed. Again, as always my goal was not to get injuries. I came home, took a nice shower and had a solid nap for about 30 mins. I recovered pretty well at the end of the day and I don't anticipate any sprains anywhere (which is a good sign). Also, I found that the last years Open 10 K race had the top 250 completing the 10 kms in sub 50 mins. Now I know what to target :)

Alright, this weekend had yet another sluggish participation from the club members. I hope to see more fellow members joining us right after the vacations are over. Hari is chilling off in Kerala and Amrita has promised to join us during next week. I have no news about the rest of the running enthusiasts. C'mon folks....tell us what you are doing out there!!!! :) During this weekend we were just Anand, Sriram, Samatv and myself and glad to welcome a new addition Mrs. Varnitha Janakiraman to our club. She is very determined and found to be on to a great start. Congratulations for the beginning Varnitha!!!

I also managed to give some finishing touches to our runners club's new Facebook page and launched it too. Please provide your feedback and don't forget to 'like' the club through your Facebook account. I've also started providing personal training and please reachout to me anyone is interested.


Do enjoy the next week and keep me posted regarding your developments.



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon Blast in memories

I was deeply saddened by the Bomb Blast in the Boston Marathon during this week.  I've been to several Marathons and shock waves run through my spine to realize such cruel things can really happen in such events.  The cowardice bombers don't understand that such extremely wicked acts do not shatter the spirits of runners.
The last week was really a sluggish one for me.  I had to travel to Pune with my familiy and 4 days went off without any workout.  The only workout was given to both my feet.  They were busy pressing the ABC's of my car....wondering what they are...? ... huh.. for a ride that took more than 1800 kms to and fro.  Riding 1800 kms in 2 days within 3 days stretch sounds a crazy idea to many of you.  I agree...its really crazy but at the same time a lot of fun since the entire family was locked inside the 4 doors, a fun and quality time well spent.  Its a kind of looong distance Marathon the entire family moves with you :).
There could be many reasons for all of us to skip a training or running routine.  Work, Stress, Illness, Festivals, Vacation.....it could be anything of that sort.  From my experience, taking a week off doesn't really affect your fitness much (but I bet the guilt kills....) but generally seem to improve the overall performance.  As you know, regular running and strenous training do not give much time for the body to recover.  All those microinjuries and strained muscles stay where they are and a week-long break is considered to be a welcoming one.  A word of caution, after a week or 10 days the you will tend to lose fitness very fast (faster than the time taken to build it).  Start slowly, build up the rhytm and get back to your form.  Do remember that there are no shortcuts to makeup for the missed routines.
Alright, I would like to welcome Mr. Janakiraman (Anand's dad) to our runners club.  I'm really proud that he is the oldest member at this time.  I'm very much inspired by his spirits at this age (he has been a very active person throughout his life).  His running posture and form is excellent and I would like all of you to join me in wishing him a good luck with his newly found passion.  The last weekend he made me spell bound by his 4 kms run on the Horahalli road.  Welcome to the club Sir!!  
I wanted to share some of the benefits listed in the Running for Old people from the runningforfitness.org (link here...) website at the end.  Its also exciting to see so many old runners participated in the recently concluded Boston Marathon (link here...).  Look at all categories after 50 years....Very inspiring...
Alright, the TCS Bangalore World 10K event is nearing.  Some of you have shown a lot of interest and I would urge you to go and register for the event.  April 30th will be the last day for the registration.  Join me fast.....

"The benefits of running for older people

an extract from http://www.runningforfitness.org/

The health benefits of running are broadly the same for older people as for everybody else. They include reductions in the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer; reduced depression and anxiety; weight control; improved bones, muscles and joints; improved mobility and coordination, and a psychological sense of well-being.  What is especially important for older people is that the risk of developing these conditions grows as you get older, so the benefits of running are increased.    It is especially important for older people that running can improve muscle strength, coordination and bone density, all reducing the risk of falling and fracturing bones, and so increasing the prospects for living independently"

Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer time workouts - missing children

Its completely proven that the children are in a serious vacation mood.  I don't find them running or cycling early in the morning.   Each one is having a lots of fun during the day time with unlimited supply of icecreams, endless chatting with buddies, summer camps, swimming under the hot sun, slumber parties and movies...the fun is unending.
I've been enjoying the summer time very much.  I've started going out in the Horahalli road till and beyond Ryan School for the past few days.  6.00 am is fabulous....I'm really missing my running partners who are camping in Holland and also busy with domestic chores.
I've started my training for the TCS World 10 K and I have a personal goal to finish the race below 52 mins (thats my best 10 k speed).  I'm also eager to find some more signing up for the event.  Its going to be fun.
Alright, lets meet tomorrow at 6.30 am.  Depending upon the interest levels lets head out outside Sobha - its really fresh outside.
I've found this web site with a lot of calculations.  If you are interested...don't miss the click.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Running in Summer preventions

The summer has really begun.  The chilly morning breeze has disappeared.  What one experiences is a constantly nagging heat wave coming whichever direction you run South, North, East, West, Up or Down.....  With all these hurdles, running can't stop. Its afterall a passion for all of us....and we are pretty serious about it.  Summer running can be enjoyable if one can avoid overheating.  The radiant effect of the sun can be felt in every single moment and it doestn't matter which time of the day we run. 
Thought of sharing few tips on running during summer from my experience,
  1. Avoid running in the sun....better to run before you say good morning to the sun or good night :)
  2. Use treadmill.....if you simply can't take the heat.
  3. Generally, using hats are not advisable....since its told that most of the heat from the body is discharged through the head and covering with hat simply worsens it.
  4. Hydration - never stop...... There are several luscious summer fruits availalbe during this season.  Watermelons....huh....Kay's club members know a lot about them.  We love them...
The last few days I've been really struggling to keep up with my running schedule.  At 7.00 in the morning, running at 10-11 K average, the amount of sweat that I produce is unbelievable.   The entire body is drenched....within few minutes.  I can only imagine shouting Eureka.....always I feel like running immediately after coming out of the water tub.  It saps you down and simply demotivates from running longer or faster.  I've cut down the long runs drastically and have started moving inside the gym to use the treadmill.  Flip side....I really don't like running in a treadmill especially facing the wall under dull lighting.....It also feels like running inside a bar....  Its absolutely boring.....May be next time I should get there with an iPad....may be watch a nice movie or a thumpting song sequence to stay energized and motivated.  
What are you going through?  I know atleast something about Sri...he enjoys running in the summer :)
The last week we had a very weak attendance.  Many of you are either travelling or simply hiding because its summer time :)
Tomorrow lets meet again at 6.30 am and do some crazy workout.  
Sunday is the Pinkathon day and from our society it will be Savitha and Meera who will be rocking the streets of Bangalore.  I'm proud to be their Chauffeur on Sunday morning taking them and getting 'em back.  The 10K race is starting at 6.30 am in the morning.  Please join me in wishing both Savitha and Meera for their successful runs.  Lets certainly plan for a Watermelon party soon since Meera will be completing her 10 k for the first time :).  Both the kids at home are pretty excited too and Meera was sweetly surprised by a lovely but creative card made by Aditya.  I've shared it here as an attachment.
Who else would like to join us to go to the Pinkathon?  I can accommodate two more adults in my car and it will be a fun ride for all of us.  At the same time we need some cheer leaders too..... Please confirm ASAP.
On Sunday lets meet at 5.00 pm since in the morning I'll not be available.

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