Friday, March 29, 2013

Running and Holi festival

Good evening, this week we had the wonderful Holi festival and I hope all of you had a colourful celebrations with your family and friends.
It was quite interesting to learn about how this festival has inspired many around the world.  I just happened to read a post regarding a 5 K race inspired by Holi in Austin, Texas.
"The five kilometres of the race are divided into five colour zones. At the first kilometre, volunteers splash passing runners with yellow powder, green at the second, blue at the third, purple at the fourth, and pink at the fifth and final kilometre. The powder is nothing more than coloured corn starch and is thrown with care to avoid getting into participants’ eyes."......more here...  Interesting...huh!!!
Next weekend the Pinkathon is going to be held and Meera is charged up to participate the 10 k race.  Its just amazing to see the way she has been building her confidence levels during the last few months.  Please join me in wishing her for the race.   Jaya!!! we miss you!!!
Last week we had the nature walk and run in the Horahalli road.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the walk with the little ones.  I have been dreaming to go with the entire club to the foot hills of the Nandhi hills and run 5-6 kms hill route.  We will not be able to do this tomorrow due to the Holi celebrations planned in the society.
Lets chat up tomorrow to plan this up, this could be possible the next week.
Alright,  lets meet tomorrow again at 6.30 am.  And don't forget, we have a watermelon party yet another time tomorrow to celebrate Ashwin's 10 kay run.  Don't miss it........

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