Friday, March 22, 2013

Half and Full Marathon Training Plans

Hope you had a terrific weekfull of work, school, hobbies, running and many more activities (probably some of them stressful too) .  Its time to get ready to face nother weekend with exciting time spent with the rest of the club members.  Lets meet at 6.30 am (we don't have any penalty for late comers...please try to be punctual...and don't miss out fun).
I would like to share the links to the Furman institutes training program plans for your FIRST half and FIRST full marathons.
Again, the principles are based on run less and run more and typically has a recommendation for a 3 days run a week with a combination of cross trainings (I love them...and don't miss them).  I had followed the Full Marathon plan based on this.
Congratulations to all the kids for completing your acadamic year successfully.  Now, that the school vacations have started, we must plan to head out to Nandi hills for a trip + refreshing hill run (max 5 kms....considering the average fitness level). Lets pack some healthy food to keep ourselves fuelled before, during and after the run.  Lets discuss this tomorrow and chalk out a plan for the next week - tentatively lets plan it for 30th of March.  I'll send out a detail plan during this weekend.  I would encourage the parents to be with your children if you are not part of the Kay's runners club - You will also have an opportunity to witness the improved fitness level of your children (also at the same time have a lot of fun too...)
On Sunday, Lets go outside Sobha towards the Airport road through the Horahalli Village for a 6 kms run/walk (3 kms one way).  Again, lets decide this tomorrow.

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