Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrilled about kaysrunnersclub

I'm extremely thrilled that our runners club is just going to turn one month old.  We have 23 members and I'm equally thrilled to see some of you passionately working out and getting fitter and stronger every day to reach your running goals.
On this occassion,
Please join me in congratulating Sri for running his longest duration (28 mins.. yesterday on his own) and also the longest distance (4.03 kms with me :)).  Congratulations Sri!!!  I have also seen Navin being extremely regular with his running routines and he has just seem to have crossed his 2 kms mark Goog going Navin!!!.  I also strongly encourage you to share your stories in this forum.
I'm really not upto date with the activities of others.  Lets spend some quality time on this Saturday to understand this and also devise some plans.  I have some interesting routines lined up for all of you.  Get ready to sweat!!!
I will not be able to join the kids today evening.  I will see you at 6.30 am on Saturday.
One more thing,  I haven't received the declaration and the application forms from most of you.  Please note that its mandatory for all of you to submit the forms.  I've attached the PDF version and request you to take a print out and fill in all the details before we meet on Saturday.

Running for Charity - update

As promised Kays runners club would set aside Rs. 250/- part of the club fees (of Rs. 300/-) collected from each one of you every month.  During the first month, out of 21 members, 19 had made the payment.  Rs. 4750/- has been set aside from the first month's fees for this purpose.  I have already created a monthly recurring deposit Rs. 4500/-, the balance amount will be adjusted at the end of the year with a hope that the average members stay at this level.  As a lump some, at the end of the year, I'm sure this amount will benefit a poor kid for his/her education or a poor family who is in need to support a medical emergency.
Thank you so much for being part of this club and its initiative.  This is certainly a very worthy way of supporting a wonderful cause and at the same time achieve our fitness goals. 

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