Monday, January 28, 2013

My dream - a runners club

I always love to share anything that I have learnt.  The most recent one is all about my running experiences through my life time dream...a "runners club"

I focus on strength and cross train almost all the weekdays and go for longer runs during the weekends.  I have found that a single loop inside my residential complex is almost 1.5 kms, has a 50 meters slope and a beautiful amphitheater, a perfect natural gym to get fit and realize my belief i.e "get fit to run rather than run to get fit"

As you know till 24-Feb-2013, I have run 9 half and 1 full marathons since 2011 December.   I run for the sheer joy of running and all my run logs are tracked in my runkeeper account.  The logs help me look back all the progress and the milestones that I've reached.  What a great way to stay motivated?

I also regularly coach my son and he has built enough stamina during the last few months to run 9 kms non stop.  He wants to do more.

I had decided to offer my coaching support to children above 8 years who's parents dream about driving their laziness and throw them out of bed at 5.00 in the morning :),  men and women included to help them follow a healthy living and to consider running as part of their life.  As you may be aware, apart from the fun and joy part, running helps lead a very fit life.

I'm planning to charge Rs.  300/- per month for the club members out of which Rs. 250/- will go to charity.   My intention is not to make money out of this and my runners club would be another excuse found by me to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Note:  The runners club was started successfully on the 2-Feb-2013 with the name 'Kay's runners club'.  Within the first few weeks the club membership rose to 23 which includes a lot of children and adults included.  The club is currently open only for the residents of Sobha Althea, located in Nagenahalli, Yelahanka and soon the club doors will be open for other residents located in Yelahanka.

The dream journey has just begun....

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