Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NICE road run

Week 19 - update

I have shared my workout schedule for the last week and I'm sure you would agree with me that it was an exciting week,

3-Jun Monday - Rest
Sunday - 10 kms easy with my son Aditya

Saturday was one of the most exciting days for me. I had been thinking about a place for me to go for the longer weekend runs. The week before, I ran 24 kms (read it as crazy 24 kms) within the apartment and took 30+ rounds to complete the 24k. I really wanted to avoid running in the Yelahanka roads (even though I love that) and competing with dogs (being chased ha ha…:)) during the cold June morning and decided to run inside the complex. It was a terrible mistake and I din’t want to repeat that. This week I was mentally prepared to go to the NICE road... I got up at 4.15 am, packed my running gear drove 15 kms to reach Jalahalli. I parked my Honda in a safe place and with adequate fuel (3 GU gels + Water) (on my Camelback) I hit the road at 5.30 am. 

It was a nice chilly morning and I ran about 4 kms in the Tumkur road and about 9 (one way) in the NICE road. I felt like the entire road belonged to me and I kept wondering why no one else would prefer running there.

NICE road is a 6 way express highway (no dogs…since they have to pay toll ) and there are many heavy duty vehicles moving at different speeds. It’s common to notice two trucks doing the “Twenty Twentyone” (hey…my new theory)…. It’s easy to understand. Let me explain. Let’s say a large container is moving at 20 kmph…at the same time there is another similar one trying to overtake the first one in 21 kmph . By the time the second guy decides…changes gear…krrrrrrrrrr….prepares to overtake…moves to the right…goes parallel….pushes harder and harder….ooo…ooon….ooon….to overtake the other guy….finally overtakes…oh no….now they guy on the left has decided to go at 22…and he has decided to overtake the second one….confusing??? Wow!! you can imagine the time taken for one of the trucks to get past the other one…. Many fast moving cars with impatient drivers, have no choice but to overtake these two “pain in the expressway” in the shoulder of the road. Very scary….Twice I was surprised by crazy speeding cars right in front of me….they suddenly appear from nowhere …may be at 130+ kmph… and I have had nearly split seconds to jump to the grass land to my right. 

Anyways I really enjoyed the morning, it was fun running there……at the 13th kms mark a Police Patrol jeep stopped by and a cop stuck his head out. He was very polite and after a ‘hello’ he said in a soft Kannada…‘Sir, do you know that this is not a safe place to run!!! there are many speeding vehicles and you could easily be run over by one…also there are incidents of people being mugged, from tomorrow onwards don’t come here…” oh! there ended my desire to run there every weekend..… I even had plans to go up to Electronic City on the NICE road and come back one day. Anyways…he had a point (oops a couple of them). I thanked him for his advice and assured him not to come there alone. 

At the end of my run, when I stopped my Runkeeper I realized that I had actually run 25 kms instead of my 24 (as per plan)….and also finished it in a record PB of 2:18:10. My last 25 km was finished in 2:30:27 at the Bangalore ULTRA with lots of huffs and puffs. This run was great because when I stopped, I really had a lot of energy left and drive to run another 10 kms. It also had boosted my confident to finish my Hyderabad Full Marathon (also first day time Full Marathon) in sub 4:30 (I’m sure it will be better than this). After a quick 10 mins stretch, I drove back home and joined the club activities at 8.30 am.

After a quick 10 mins stretch, I drove back home and joined the club activities at 8.30 am.

Sunday was fabulous since Aditya and I decided to go for a 10 KM run in the evening.  

Please join me in welcoming Ashutosh, Preeti and Aarohi (apologies if I had misspelt the names), the very new members to our club. The entire family was charged with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and they did all the workouts pretty good. I would like to wish the entire family a good luck for their endeavor towards a healthier lifestyle.

I was also very glad that all the kids did pretty well on both the days …they are stronger these days and not so easy to find sweat on their forehead even after 30 mins…their battery levels are still at 80%...that’s a remarkable sign of their strength and energy at this very young age. Very healthy and strong too..….Aarohi just started on Sunday joined by Sunny, Nikhil, Aditya, Shreya, Soumya, Samatv and not to miss…the smallest Chilli. I would like to thank the parents for staying behind these kids and showing them that they have healthier choices to make in their life.

I've also come across the link (shared here...) don't miss them if you are a regular runner. They are not just for new runners...even I love doing them.
I was also very glad that all the kids did pretty well on both the days …they are stronger these days and not so easy to find sweat on their forehead even after 30 mins…their battery levels are still at 80%...that’s a remarkable sign of their strength and energy at this very young age. Very healthy and strong too..….Aarohi just started on Sunday joined by Sunny, Nikhil, Aditya, Shreya, Soumya, Samatv and not to miss…the smallest Chilli. I would like to thank the parents for staying behind these kids and showing them that they have healthier choices to make in their life.

Tuesday – Whole body strength workout

Wednesday - Elliptical 15 mins, stationary bike 40 mins 20 kms, upper body weights and stretches
Thursday - Again stationary bike 27 mins 12.5 kms
Friday - Yoga and stretches
Saturday - Speed workout for 24 kms 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

message: purpose of Kaysrunnersclub

The Kay’s runners club was started with an idea to spread the awareness of fitness and fun/benefits of running. The weekend activities that all of us do together is focused to 'getting fit' not only to run faster or longer or for fun but also to stay healthy, strong and get prepared for your other sports hobbies. Staying at the top of the fitness help to play various games better and do a lot of outdoor activity regularly. I've realized that there are many of you out there are interested in staying really fit and active but not have long distance running as your interests. Perfectly understood!! Please be reminded that Kays runners club is certainly a place for you too. Please feel free to stop by the Amphitheater on a weekend morning and try a routine or two to get a hang of how it could really help you stay fit and strong.

The last week left me with a feeling of excitement due to a short vacation / long drive to Pune with my family, and a feeling of stupidity due to my ankle sprain right in the middle of my 24 km run on Saturday. At the 16th km I started feeling the pain and it became really unbearable at around 17. I managed to change to my support shoes to get some extra cushion. The discomfort lasted till 18 km. I decided to push to complete my 24 km target and it was a good run at the end. Thanks to Anand for the timely electrolyte drink at the end. I used my Camel back for the second time and the hydration was never a problem. I also tried the GU (Vanilla Bean) 15 mins before and one after the first 45th min of running. After crossing 21 km I was totally drained out and the last 3 km was finished with an average 7.4 mins pace which was really slow. Aditya, my son, joined me for a sprint challenge at the end ended up going ahead of me by 50 meters when I hit the 24 km mark. I was able to breathe and talk well, but simply didn't have any charge left to propel forward. Later I realized that I should have had some fuel after 1 hr 30 mins of run. I'll remember this.

The monsoon has started and I loved the way Anand is enjoying his evening run through the rain drops on his bare foot runs. I'm simply amazed by his determination and with his 16 km run on Sunday take him very closer to his half Marathon goal. Let’s wish a big good luck for his training routines. Samatv has already crossed his 5 km target.....and Aditya ran another 9+ km with Anand on Saturday. Sunny joined us back after a long vacation and he looked stronger than before....he also demonstrated his coaching skills after his summer camp at Just Cricket - our Sunday sessions will certainly include 'writing numbers in the air' by lying keeping the legs in the air :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Running & Bangalore Monsoon Season

The summer is vanished and the rains have started.  It gives a heavenly feeling to suddenly find the temperature drops in Bangalore.  The first thing that hits you in the morning is the very energizing cool breeze and drives you mad to go for a long run.  We are lucky to get rains only in the evening and I hope this phenomena continues.  No longer we worry about sweating due to the dry or humid summer heat and there are all reasons to feel happy that we sweat due a hard workout.
Try running in the Horahalli Village roads in the early morning and you will certainly understand what I'm talking about.   Yesterday, the run became adventurous for me when I spotted another runner along the road.   Yes,  I came across a slithering runner this time... coolly sitting in the middle of the road. It took some time for me to realize that this snake was already run (;)) over by a bike.   Poor fella.. dint follow his parents advise for crossing roads ;).   Check out the picture attached. I'll soon post a video and share.
Alright,  please note the changes to our club timings from this week onwards.
Saturdays and Sundays we will meet at 8.00 am (hope to see more kids turning up).   This also provides space for the long weekend runs for those who signed up for the Hyderabad Marathon.
The schools are about to begin and the Saturday evening session will be planned only based on demand.
ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT I'LL NOT BE AVAILABLE THIS SUNDAY and request you to continue your strength workouts or long runs or cross training.
Its going to be 4 months since the club was started and I'm going to engage with each one of you again to revisit your plans and check were you have reached.  I'll start this from next week onwards.
Parents : please encourage your kids to be regular to join the weekend sessions and some form of physical activities during the week days.   Its proven that continuous physical exercise make the children very strong and active especially during the school days when they are bound to be stressed a lot.   I hope you would agree with me that it's a lot of fun working out together in a jolly manner.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First TCS World 10K run

In this week’s edition, I’m going to talk about the new young achiever of the Kay’s runners club, the results of the TCS World 10K event and my experience of running the first TCS World 10 K race and finally about the upcoming Airtel Hyderabad Marathon in August.
Kay’s Young achiever
I was extremely thrilled when I received a message on my cell phone from Anand on 14-May at around 20.31.
Hello, I have just now gone for a 3K run; can we have a water melon party on Saturday?” It was Samatv, one of the youngest members in the Kay’s Runners club who sent an update about his recent accomplishment.  It was truly fabulous to receive such a cute message from this small but strong boy.  I was really proud to be having him as a member of the club.  It was a great effort from Samatv and thanks to Anand for encouraging and supporting him.
p.s I also saw Samatv setting a new 5K goal.  Good luck with it Samatv!!!
TCS World 10 K race results - 19-May-2013:
From Kay’s Runners Club, there were two participants this time for this mega event.  Anand Janakiraman’ s first official 10K event….he had completed the race at 1:04:54 his personal best.  Congratulations Anand!!!
I had completed the race with a personal best of 48:47, overall rank 258 (out of 8150 runners participated)
Last week, what it was
Most of the week was spent on completing the last minute training routines for the TCS World 10 K event, tapering efforts and charging up to give my best attempt to set my personal best.  The 10 K that I did (49.15) on 18th really helped me set a new benchmark of crossing the sub 50 min barrier and I was confident to set myself a target of 48.30 mins at the TCS World 10 K on Sunday. 
The Saturday, was supposed to be a rest day but it wasn’t.  My family visited a temple in the morning and spent some quality time at a friend’s home, reached home at 2.00 pm, had a good lunch and took a solid sleep, got up at 4.30 pm and got ready to go to Jayanagar 4th block (a good 20 kms from Yelahanka) with my family to meet Vinayak Joshi, Actor, Director….celebrity in the Sandalwood.  Vinayak has been a great inspiration for the running world.  He has already delivered a strong message to the world “through commitment and dedication one can achieve anything”.  Through running and following a strict workout routine, he had lost more than 30 kgs (he used to be a chubby boy) and he is now a fantastic Marathon runner.  Wow!!! What an achievement.  Vinayak has organized to get a place for one my runner friends who missed her registration due to a goof up by a charity organization she supported.    Vinayak helped in getting her an entry in the TCS World 10K.   Thanks a lot Vinayak!!! You are truly an amazing person!!!
On Saturday night, I had to sleep at my cousin Bro’s home located right on the MG road.  It was unique and nightmarish experience.  I couldn’t get good sleep due to heavy traffic noise at the MG road.   When I got up on Sunday morning, I realized that I had only 2-3 hours of sleep which was absolutely inadequate considering the fact that I had to give my best attempt to run on Sunday morning.
4.15 got up, got into shower, got ready
6.15 reached Kanteerva Stadium, thanks to my Anna Bond Bro!!! Lt. Col Krishna for dropping me, he is one of the greatest and best motivators in my life.
6.30-6.50 Nike warm-up session
6.50 to 7.10 stood in a long Q to pee L (Procamm race organizers!!! why can’t this get better)
7.10 rushed to the Category B hold area…
7.20 gates were opened….7.22 gun fired…race started…
I was able to break through the crowd and when it was 19.12 mins at the first split @ 3.8 kms.  I was confident and kept pushing my limits to maintain a 12.2-12.3 average and reached 6+ KMS right after 30 mins.  After getting into the Cubbon Park it was wonderful to see my wife Meera, friends Varnita and Samatv cheering.  I took a turn at the Hudson circle with at 47+ mins time.  I had maintained the same speed and when I touched the finish line my Runkeeper showed 48.45 mins.   It was a great run and I was happy to just finish the race closer to my target.
I’m also happy to find Nikhil, Shreya and Soumya returning back to the weekend club activities after a long vacation.  Hope to find more of the missing members during the next weekend.
Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, 24-Aug-2013
The registration for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is open and Anand (first Half Marathon and I (my first full day time marathon) have already signed up for this ‘one of the well-organized events’ in the country.
Just about 3 months to go, I’ve already started focusing on my training routines and the mileage and efforts will increase during the next few weeks

Monday, May 13, 2013

Marathon vs. Sprinting

To experience the other end of Marathon, the whole of last week I read articles and watched videos about 'Sprinting' (running very fast in a short distance).  It was fascinating to understand how the combination of physical strength, muscles (to react fast), form and movement (to lean forward and generate speed), body weight, dietary needs, training plans etc., etc.; differ between a Marathoner vs. a Sprinter.  Eventhough both are considered to be 'running', they are really not the same.  During my young age, I was greatly inspired by the great Carl Lewis, Linford Christie etc., and I have a great respect for all the fastest men and women.  The amount of excitement this track event brings is unmeasurable and very daunting to learn how the slightest variations in the wind, humidity etc., affect the overall performance.  I was also proud to read about India's Payyoli Express / Golden Girl, P.T Usha (and her efforts to build wold class athletes) and 'Anil Kumar' (India's fastest runner) - one more from Kerala.  The Gods Own Country seems to have produced a lot of greatest athletes in India, their struggle to come up in life and compete with other elite International athletes.
I never had run during my school, polytechnic and engineering college and I was always a 'field' person trying my hands and feet on long jump, height jump, triple jump and polevault - I still miss those days.
p.s. I've decided to be happy to settle down as a Marathoner and decided not to threat Usain Bolt :)
The whole of last week I focused on the pace and tempo in preparation for my TCS 10K race on 19th.  It’s just 5 days left for the event and I'm all excited about the preparations.  It was amazing there are going to be around 11,000 runners participating the Open 10 K event (and a overall 22,500 runners for all the categories put together).  I felt comfortable with the route as Anand and I ran almost the entire course yesterday.  Wow Bangalore!!!!
For those who are not going to run on that day, I would strongly recommend you to come down to Kanteerva Stadium to witness this mega event and cheer your running friends.
Last week Hari, another runner had made to the 5K club.  With this, KRC has produced 8 achievers making to the 5K and 10K club.
5K Achievers Club - Sriram, Hari
10K Achievers Club - Aditya, Anand, Sunshrey, Nikhil, Meera, Ashwin
.....we also have several others in the making and love to see many more achievers filling these clubs during the coming months.  I'm also eager to find someone opening the account in the 21K club soon.  The immediate next opportunity is the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon in Aug.  I've already signed up for my first 'day time' Full Marathon and planning to focus on my trainings routines starting from next week.
The school holidays will soon come to an end and I'm awaiting the return of many energetic club members (small and big) who are still vacationing. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Running & Goal Setting

We all go through a cycle of emotions when we think about our goals.  The day you are very energetic you would want to think about 'I'll do this...' 'I'll complete this....' etc., but at the same time staying committed becomes difficult if there is no clear goal set to accomplish them.  Due to this reason, I stopped taking New Year resolutions as the resolutions started becoming meaningless if I couldn't stay committed in executing them.  
It’s the same thing when it comes to fitness or running.  If someone's goal is to 'Generally to stay fit', due to lack of a definition for a measurable fitness levels, sometimes one tends to lose the focus, skip the training routines or even indulge in eating certain stuff which will not help you in staying.  Instead of saying 'Generally fit...' have a challenging goal associated instead.  It could be something like,
'I want to play tennis with Jimmy (a friend of yours who plays tennis better) for 1 hour continuously and still have energy to play for another 1 hr.'
'I want to run 5 kms in 40 mins before end of June and still have energy to run another 3-4 kms without any pain anywhere in the body'
'I want to go for a mountain hiking at 'place' and back to work to the next day'
'I want to lose 2 kgs weight in before 30-May-2013' Or walk 15 stairs in Althea 3 times up and down....still want to do more :)
Make sure the goals are realistic (and a stretch one at the same time) and you are confident in achieving them.  Don't forget to attach a time limit for it - otherwise the goals would take forever to accomplish.
By setting goals like this - you are certain that there is a clear definition, you have something engraved in the wall and you have a certain plan to achieve it.  Also, achieving goals work very well when you go and share your goals with your friends, post it on your social network and share it with all your well-wishers.  Even if you forget it, someone who has read or heard it will definitely remind you.  Lastly do not forget to celebrate your milestones, however small they are whenever you cross them.   As parents support your children to accomplish their goals by helping them set the goal, cheer and motivate them time to time and attach a reward at the end.  It could be a trip to somewhere, a toy or a book or a nice pair of running shoes or anything they really like and would stay motivated to reach their targets.
There is a nice collection of material in the site and please refer to ‘Personal Goal Setting Link here...'
When it comes to running, if you are gunning for 10k, 21k or 42k races, the Marathon event calendar is a great place to start with. Beginning of each year the calendar of Marathon events in India is published and you can pick and choose the events.  Once the dates are marked in the calendar it becomes easy to decide the training plans to support it.   For the beginners, start with your first 5k or 10k or even 2k continuous running if you are really ready to begin running.
It’s just less than two weeks for the TCS 10 K event.  The route maps are already published in their sites (click for 10k route map here...).  Those who have signed up - please do share your preparations here.
I have also signed up for the Full Marathon category in the Aitel Hyderabad Marathon scheduled on 25th of Aug 2013.  Last year I had run the half marathon and it was a wonderful experience.  The course was tough as well as interesting (there are 2-3 flyovers + Banjara hills + added fun due to rain....).  The event was really organized well and the sponsorship is excellent.  There were adequate amount of food and drinks stocked in the fuel stations / post-race and literally Gatorade was pouring in the roads.  I'm planning to continue my training routine with increased weekend mileages and at least one day run in a month at the Nandi Hills.  I'm also looking forward to see at least one or two half marathoners from the club.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream Runners Club - Facebook Page Launched

Finally after 4 months since the my dream runners club was launched I have created a Facebook Page.    I have also posted all the important updates and mails sent through the society portal (group email created at my housing complex).  I believe the messaging is perfect now and I'll continue to fine tune it till I'm satisfied.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to fit all the details since Facebook has character limitations (it doesn't really say how much though) especially with the About and Mission sections.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting this together since this was the first time I'd started marketing my own setup in the social space :). - don't forget to click 'Like' and provide me a feedback if you care.

Kays Runners Club is founded for all running enthusiasts, anyone fit and run regularly or planning to start, and believe that their passion can bring smiles in someone who deserves by donating 83% of the monthly club fees.

Mission have a hobby club to promote injury free, fun-filled-fitness & running experience and provide maximum support to Charity.
The motto is simply "Fit, Fun, Run"

Kays runners club was founded by Kannan Sundararajan (Kay) on 2-Feb-2013. Kay is a passionate runner and has run more than 10 Half and Full Marathons within the first one year of running since 2011.
Kay is extremely fond of coaching and enabling others and thoroughly enjoys helping teams and individuals reach their potential.
Kay also has more than 20 years of industry experience and had spent considerable amount of time in training, mentoring and development. Kay strongly believes in sharing his experiences with others and also fond of supporting underprivileged regularly.

Kays believes in fun filled coaching methods and helps discover the best athlete hidden in everyone.
They Kays club members believe in 'getting fit to run' and meet during the weekends / holidays to gain knowledge about fitness and running, and develop core strength and overall cardio-fitness . On special days Kay's members run outside by the county and hill side. The club members follow a proven but fun filled training methods to develop their overall fitness.

Talk to Kay to enroll today!!!

Kay's also offer personal training at a very nominal cost. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Running in Summer

This month has been very exciting one for me. The peak of the summer had begun and I have been really enjoying the luscious mangoes (but, where are those lovely watermelons???) which had just arrived. How many of you know that Mangoes are really good for runners? I decided to Google and came across few interesting links about mangoes. First of all, mangoes are found to have generous amount of Vitamin C & A, and are have a lot of health benefits associated with them. Someone even had suggested using dried mangoes as long run fuel (wondering how it would be and haven't tried myself). Whatever mangoes are and can do, I had decided one thing. "Eat as many mangoes before the summer ends...." I simply love them (p.s someone made a comment that the club members have achieved the 'low hanging fruits (watermelons??? :))' - i.e reaching 5k and 10k goals. We still have a watermelon party pending for Meera's Pinkathon 10 kms success and as the watermelons have already disappeared, I'm ready to cut mangoes from now on. Be assured and relax, I'll bring enough mangoes for everyone :). As you know, goals have to be reached and personal records have to be broken. Go for it!!!! 

All my training during the month of April has been geared up for the TCS 10 K Race in May. It’s going to be just 20 days to the event and I'm very happy to find that Anand has already signed in. Congratulations Anand for the preparations!!! A variety of strength workouts, speed training, interval running, cycling, stretches and regular running are keeping me really motivated to give my best performance. Sunday was fabulous and will be remembered by me for a long time because for my fastest 10 K on a tread mill. It just took 50.23 mins this time (earlier best was ~52 mins). I had started with a moderate 10.6 kmph for about 4 kms...raised to 11.5 till 5...raised to 12.5....13.5 and finally finished the victory lap (the last one km) in 15 kmph speed. It was fun and at the same time I was very cautious running at that speed. Again, as always my goal was not to get injuries. I came home, took a nice shower and had a solid nap for about 30 mins. I recovered pretty well at the end of the day and I don't anticipate any sprains anywhere (which is a good sign). Also, I found that the last years Open 10 K race had the top 250 completing the 10 kms in sub 50 mins. Now I know what to target :)

Alright, this weekend had yet another sluggish participation from the club members. I hope to see more fellow members joining us right after the vacations are over. Hari is chilling off in Kerala and Amrita has promised to join us during next week. I have no news about the rest of the running enthusiasts. C'mon folks....tell us what you are doing out there!!!! :) During this weekend we were just Anand, Sriram, Samatv and myself and glad to welcome a new addition Mrs. Varnitha Janakiraman to our club. She is very determined and found to be on to a great start. Congratulations for the beginning Varnitha!!!

I also managed to give some finishing touches to our runners club's new Facebook page and launched it too. Please provide your feedback and don't forget to 'like' the club through your Facebook account. I've also started providing personal training and please reachout to me anyone is interested.

Do enjoy the next week and keep me posted regarding your developments.



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon Blast in memories

I was deeply saddened by the Bomb Blast in the Boston Marathon during this week.  I've been to several Marathons and shock waves run through my spine to realize such cruel things can really happen in such events.  The cowardice bombers don't understand that such extremely wicked acts do not shatter the spirits of runners.
The last week was really a sluggish one for me.  I had to travel to Pune with my familiy and 4 days went off without any workout.  The only workout was given to both my feet.  They were busy pressing the ABC's of my car....wondering what they are...? ... huh.. for a ride that took more than 1800 kms to and fro.  Riding 1800 kms in 2 days within 3 days stretch sounds a crazy idea to many of you.  I agree...its really crazy but at the same time a lot of fun since the entire family was locked inside the 4 doors, a fun and quality time well spent.  Its a kind of looong distance Marathon the entire family moves with you :).
There could be many reasons for all of us to skip a training or running routine.  Work, Stress, Illness, Festivals, could be anything of that sort.  From my experience, taking a week off doesn't really affect your fitness much (but I bet the guilt kills....) but generally seem to improve the overall performance.  As you know, regular running and strenous training do not give much time for the body to recover.  All those microinjuries and strained muscles stay where they are and a week-long break is considered to be a welcoming one.  A word of caution, after a week or 10 days the you will tend to lose fitness very fast (faster than the time taken to build it).  Start slowly, build up the rhytm and get back to your form.  Do remember that there are no shortcuts to makeup for the missed routines.
Alright, I would like to welcome Mr. Janakiraman (Anand's dad) to our runners club.  I'm really proud that he is the oldest member at this time.  I'm very much inspired by his spirits at this age (he has been a very active person throughout his life).  His running posture and form is excellent and I would like all of you to join me in wishing him a good luck with his newly found passion.  The last weekend he made me spell bound by his 4 kms run on the Horahalli road.  Welcome to the club Sir!!  
I wanted to share some of the benefits listed in the Running for Old people from the (link here...) website at the end.  Its also exciting to see so many old runners participated in the recently concluded Boston Marathon (link here...).  Look at all categories after 50 years....Very inspiring...
Alright, the TCS Bangalore World 10K event is nearing.  Some of you have shown a lot of interest and I would urge you to go and register for the event.  April 30th will be the last day for the registration.  Join me fast.....

"The benefits of running for older people

an extract from

The health benefits of running are broadly the same for older people as for everybody else. They include reductions in the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer; reduced depression and anxiety; weight control; improved bones, muscles and joints; improved mobility and coordination, and a psychological sense of well-being.  What is especially important for older people is that the risk of developing these conditions grows as you get older, so the benefits of running are increased.    It is especially important for older people that running can improve muscle strength, coordination and bone density, all reducing the risk of falling and fracturing bones, and so increasing the prospects for living independently"

Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer time workouts - missing children

Its completely proven that the children are in a serious vacation mood.  I don't find them running or cycling early in the morning.   Each one is having a lots of fun during the day time with unlimited supply of icecreams, endless chatting with buddies, summer camps, swimming under the hot sun, slumber parties and movies...the fun is unending.
I've been enjoying the summer time very much.  I've started going out in the Horahalli road till and beyond Ryan School for the past few days.  6.00 am is fabulous....I'm really missing my running partners who are camping in Holland and also busy with domestic chores.
I've started my training for the TCS World 10 K and I have a personal goal to finish the race below 52 mins (thats my best 10 k speed).  I'm also eager to find some more signing up for the event.  Its going to be fun.
Alright, lets meet tomorrow at 6.30 am.  Depending upon the interest levels lets head out outside Sobha - its really fresh outside.
I've found this web site with a lot of calculations.  If you are interested...don't miss the click.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Running in Summer preventions

The summer has really begun.  The chilly morning breeze has disappeared.  What one experiences is a constantly nagging heat wave coming whichever direction you run South, North, East, West, Up or Down.....  With all these hurdles, running can't stop. Its afterall a passion for all of us....and we are pretty serious about it.  Summer running can be enjoyable if one can avoid overheating.  The radiant effect of the sun can be felt in every single moment and it doestn't matter which time of the day we run. 
Thought of sharing few tips on running during summer from my experience,
  1. Avoid running in the sun....better to run before you say good morning to the sun or good night :)
  2. Use treadmill.....if you simply can't take the heat.
  3. Generally, using hats are not advisable....since its told that most of the heat from the body is discharged through the head and covering with hat simply worsens it.
  4. Hydration - never stop...... There are several luscious summer fruits availalbe during this season.  Watermelons....huh....Kay's club members know a lot about them.  We love them...
The last few days I've been really struggling to keep up with my running schedule.  At 7.00 in the morning, running at 10-11 K average, the amount of sweat that I produce is unbelievable.   The entire body is drenched....within few minutes.  I can only imagine shouting Eureka.....always I feel like running immediately after coming out of the water tub.  It saps you down and simply demotivates from running longer or faster.  I've cut down the long runs drastically and have started moving inside the gym to use the treadmill.  Flip side....I really don't like running in a treadmill especially facing the wall under dull lighting.....It also feels like running inside a bar....  Its absolutely boring.....May be next time I should get there with an iPad....may be watch a nice movie or a thumpting song sequence to stay energized and motivated.  
What are you going through?  I know atleast something about Sri...he enjoys running in the summer :)
The last week we had a very weak attendance.  Many of you are either travelling or simply hiding because its summer time :)
Tomorrow lets meet again at 6.30 am and do some crazy workout.  
Sunday is the Pinkathon day and from our society it will be Savitha and Meera who will be rocking the streets of Bangalore.  I'm proud to be their Chauffeur on Sunday morning taking them and getting 'em back.  The 10K race is starting at 6.30 am in the morning.  Please join me in wishing both Savitha and Meera for their successful runs.  Lets certainly plan for a Watermelon party soon since Meera will be completing her 10 k for the first time :).  Both the kids at home are pretty excited too and Meera was sweetly surprised by a lovely but creative card made by Aditya.  I've shared it here as an attachment.
Who else would like to join us to go to the Pinkathon?  I can accommodate two more adults in my car and it will be a fun ride for all of us.  At the same time we need some cheer leaders too..... Please confirm ASAP.
On Sunday lets meet at 5.00 pm since in the morning I'll not be available.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Running and Holi festival

Good evening, this week we had the wonderful Holi festival and I hope all of you had a colourful celebrations with your family and friends.
It was quite interesting to learn about how this festival has inspired many around the world.  I just happened to read a post regarding a 5 K race inspired by Holi in Austin, Texas.
"The five kilometres of the race are divided into five colour zones. At the first kilometre, volunteers splash passing runners with yellow powder, green at the second, blue at the third, purple at the fourth, and pink at the fifth and final kilometre. The powder is nothing more than coloured corn starch and is thrown with care to avoid getting into participants’ eyes."......more here...  Interesting...huh!!!
Next weekend the Pinkathon is going to be held and Meera is charged up to participate the 10 k race.  Its just amazing to see the way she has been building her confidence levels during the last few months.  Please join me in wishing her for the race.   Jaya!!! we miss you!!!
Last week we had the nature walk and run in the Horahalli road.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the walk with the little ones.  I have been dreaming to go with the entire club to the foot hills of the Nandhi hills and run 5-6 kms hill route.  We will not be able to do this tomorrow due to the Holi celebrations planned in the society.
Lets chat up tomorrow to plan this up, this could be possible the next week.
Alright,  lets meet tomorrow again at 6.30 am.  And don't forget, we have a watermelon party yet another time tomorrow to celebrate Ashwin's 10 kay run.  Don't miss it........

Friday, March 22, 2013

Half and Full Marathon Training Plans

Hope you had a terrific weekfull of work, school, hobbies, running and many more activities (probably some of them stressful too) .  Its time to get ready to face nother weekend with exciting time spent with the rest of the club members.  Lets meet at 6.30 am (we don't have any penalty for late comers...please try to be punctual...and don't miss out fun).
I would like to share the links to the Furman institutes training program plans for your FIRST half and FIRST full marathons.
Again, the principles are based on run less and run more and typically has a recommendation for a 3 days run a week with a combination of cross trainings (I love them...and don't miss them).  I had followed the Full Marathon plan based on this.
Congratulations to all the kids for completing your acadamic year successfully.  Now, that the school vacations have started, we must plan to head out to Nandi hills for a trip + refreshing hill run (max 5 kms....considering the average fitness level). Lets pack some healthy food to keep ourselves fuelled before, during and after the run.  Lets discuss this tomorrow and chalk out a plan for the next week - tentatively lets plan it for 30th of March.  I'll send out a detail plan during this weekend.  I would encourage the parents to be with your children if you are not part of the Kay's runners club - You will also have an opportunity to witness the improved fitness level of your children (also at the same time have a lot of fun too...)
On Sunday, Lets go outside Sobha towards the Airport road through the Horahalli Village for a 6 kms run/walk (3 kms one way).  Again, lets decide this tomorrow.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Lets meet at 6.30 tomorrow.  I would like to remind you about few things,
Since we start really early, it is possible for us ignore having some food before and after our running sessions.  
  • Why Banans are Good for Runners: A good source of carbs, bananas also contain potassium, which runners lose through sweating and help regulate muscle contraction and prevent cramping. Bananas are also considered a "safe" pre-run food because they're unlikely to cause gastrointestinal issues. (
  • I generally have a cup of coffee with 4-5 Parle-G biscuits - needless to say Bananas are my favorites too.
  • Have plenty of water the day before, most of you know the need for adequate hyderation.  Real summer days are ahead and I really don't want anyone collapsing down in the middle.  Do not forget to bring a bottle of water.  I generally do not recommend you to add Glucose in it.
  • Food is ultimately important and make sure you regulate your pre and post run eating and drinking (water!!!! :)) habits.
  • Electrols are needed only when you are running long distances to replenish the body salts.
Enjoy the rest of Friday and I would like to see a FULL ATTENDANCE tomorrow.  I strongly suggest parents who are worried about their children whose exams have already begun. Please send them without fail since a very fun filled, nice workout and a run will keep their energy and spirits really high.  They will surely stay motivated for the entire day and the session on Sunday will recharge them again :)
"get ready to sweat and get fit to run"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Running Shoes

During the last two years I have been using two different running shoes and both of them were from Adidas.  I have run over 1300 kms using them and just about 10 days back I had purchased a pair of Nike Free 3.0.  I also had my share of great and not so good experiences with the Adidas shoes. 

The WWW has over million opinions written about shoes by sports experts and experienced runners (this one for sure the millionth and one :)).  Even today, I'm clueless about the amount of fuss made on a pair of simple running shoes.  After couple of years into serious running, I'm convinced that its no longer simple and the confusion is good for the sports industry.  It is thriving super hot simply because there are many runners like me who really do not understand the 'fuss' part.

I usually consider the following factors before buying a new pair of running shoes,

The need.  I postpone my decisions to buy unless I'm thoroughly convinced that I have the strongest need for a new pair of shoes.  I really don't want to run with a torn or a worn out shoes.  My primary goals is to have a life long injury-free running experience.

Sale / Discount. Running is again not a cheap hobby.  The modern day shoes come with the latest inventions using cutting edge technologies packaged in them.  They are designed by experts using best modeling software, analyzed and simulated before even the first prototype is stitched.  They do a lot of real time experiments before they qualify a shoes to be fit enough for a market launch.  There is also a lot of technological advancements seen in the cushion, the kind of material used for the cover, the form the fit etc.,  All of these do not come at a cheap price.  The cost of a good running shoes can put a serious dent on your wallet.  They are expensive.  So its wise to buy them when there is a sale, usually around the festival and Christmas times in India.  The discounts could be 30-40%... and sometimes even 50%.  In principle, the original Nike or Adidas stores don't sell damaged products.  They offer a discount during end of a season, or stock clearance or even on the old stocks whenever new series are launched.  If you understand this, you can really plan your buying.  Also, There is nothing like an emergency in buying running shoes...unless someone has stolen your shoes on a gun point while running in the Doddabellapur road in Yelahanka :).  If you are a serious runner go for a very good shoes and you don't have to worry about buying another one for about 500-600 kms of running.

Touch, feel, wear, try and buy the shoes myself.  Its very easy to ask someone travelling back from US or Singapore to buy a pair of running shoes for you or even from China where you get the same stuff for a throw away price.  Even though the shoe sizes match, the fit and the comfort varies within the same brand and their series.    One of my running friends has recently purchased an Asics from the US (again someone bought them for him...and after 2 months he is complaining about its size....its too late to think about an exchange this expensive pair).  I always like to pick them, touch them, feel them and try on walking and jogging into the store.  I never buy them from the online stores.  I usually do not buy Reebok because they scare me with a lot of crazy discounts that they offer.  I really can't comment about its quality since I personally don't have any experience.  

I bet you will really feel the runner's high just after buying a shoes :)....even before putting them on and completing your first run. 

I had purchased my first running shoes just before my first 10K race in Pune.  For some reasons I used to believe that ONLY expensive shoes provide better performance.  I walked into the Adidas showroom in Baner Road, Pune which had a 50% discount sale, of course with a fine print 'upto' written.  I had tried almost all the running shoes which were in display for about 30 mins (see, even Men can spend a lot of time shopping...especially the passionate runners buying a pair of running shoes…).  First time I saw my wife getting restless to get out of the store after my 4th shoes trial.  Whenever I had worn a pair, I would imagine myself as one of the finest runners and did small jogs and sprints within the shop to feel them.  But for some reasons I did not like any of the pairs tried by me.  The shopkeeper was very kind enough and without getting irritated he had showed me a nice looking Adidas Adistar Control series shoes.  I had an instant love for that pair since they were really light and found them to be coming with an exceptionally good fit.  The only disappointment was it was not marked a 50% price...but a 30% tag.  But with a lot of courage I had decided to buy that shoes for about Rs. 5500/-  It was a lot of money at that time and I had in my mind that I would be a sincere and disciplined student who would run every day :).  This is certainly another nice way to stay as a motivated runner....INVEST ON AN EXPENSIVE shoes :)

I had run more than 700 kms with that shoes and its still one of my favorite ones.  The sole has already displaced from his location and you can still find taking casual strolls with that.  But, I had stopped running with it.  I'm planning find a skillful cobbler, fix it and give it away to someone who could use it.

My running performance with this shoe,

My first Half Marathon (Bangalore Midnight Marathon) in Dec 2011: 2 hrs 4 mins.
Best 5 kms: 25 mins.
Best 10 kms: 58 mins

Sometimes during last year, I had ended up short listing the Adidas Adiprene series.  It was newly launched at that time and was considered to be packaged with one of the best technologies by Adidas to absorb shock, provide a great support, balance and comfort for the feet.  But they forgot that the buyer's shock of looking the price tags.  There was no discount and the price tag was ~Rs. 7000.  I ended up postponing my decision.  I bought the same model from the Adidas showroom in Mantri mall a month later for around Rs. 5000/- a month later.  A good Rs. 2000 discount for a 30 days wait.  It was worth the wait.   In the beginning I used to like the additional cushion, additional support to my Achilles but I had realized that the extra support had an adverse effect on my Achilles causing a tendinitis.  After 2-3 months of running regularly, I have found that my tendinitis worsened.   I had also realized that it was due to the combination of playing badminton and running regularly.  I had finally given a long break to my badminton and the tendinitis is not hurting me anymore.  I've run over 550 kms till date with this pair and I'm happy for this shoe.  But I consider my first one, Adistar Control was a better one.  I always felt that the shoes were heavy and my running performance was affected by it.  But I was never driven to buy another one as I believed that this shoes had another 100 kms of mileage left.

My running performance with this shoe,

Wipro Chennai Half Marathon in Nov 2012: 1 hrs 57 mins.

Best 5 kms: 25 mins.

Best 10 kms: 51.56 mins (I had sever pain on my feet, ankles..)

Review: Nike Free 3.0

After my first Full Marathon I have been very serious about improving my performance.  I really don't want to experiment barefoot running because its an invitation for injury especially in India.  The roads have nails, glasses and other sharp objects.  I will certainly try Vibram Five Fingers one day but before that I wanted to go one step closer to the barefoot running.  

I have been desperate to break my PR's in running half / full marathons and was ready to do anything.  I had read a lots of reviews about Nike Free shoes which is expected to provide a near bare feet running experience.  I had walked into the Nike showroom in Orion Mall and had found that the Free 3.0 series had a price tag of ~Rs. 6000/-.  I had only tried that pair and had decided to buy it whenever I find a discount elsewhere.

I was in Pune and happened to cross a Nike showroom located in Aundh.  I was lucky to find a Nike Free with a 30% discount on it.  I picked the last pair that the store had and decided to buy but was was little disappointed that the shoes were little dirty (since it was in the display for many days).  I didn't have a choice but decided to buy (also I was confident that Nike wouldn't sell damaged products).  I was sweetly delighted when the cashier offered me a full 50% discount for this pair picked from the store computer.  I had ended up spending only Rs. 2997/- for this pair.

My experiment with this shoes has been very rewarding.  I have run 3 times with this shoes during the last few days and my performance has been excellent.

1st day: Easy 5 Kms, average speed 9.68 km/hr.  I held back and didn't push since I was worried about injuries.
2nd day: 7.08 kms, average speed 11.18 km/hr
3rd day: 11.10 kms, average speed 11.21 km/hr.  WOOOOOW....

I also wore this shoes with a pair of dri-fit Adidas socks which was absolutely comfortable.

Nike Free 3.0 verdict: SIMPLY AWESOME.  This is certainly the best discovery made by me so far.  Go for it.... if you love and enjoy the freedom of free running.

Pros: very light, flexible, thin and I feel my feet every time I hit the road.  Even though it has a thin sole I feel adequate cushion support while running down slopes.  I'm able to accelerate with a lot of control on my posture and motion.

Cons: They are really not many cons at this time but one thing I have realized that I need to extremely careful while taking turns and running on uneven surfaces.

I'm yet to run a Marathon with it.  My goal is to run a full marathon sub 4:30.  I'll be training in this shoes for Airtel Hyderabad Marathon in August.  I'll certainly share my review after the race.  

For now, I'll be one of the strongest ambassadors for Nike Free 3.0

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrilled about kaysrunnersclub

I'm extremely thrilled that our runners club is just going to turn one month old.  We have 23 members and I'm equally thrilled to see some of you passionately working out and getting fitter and stronger every day to reach your running goals.
On this occassion,
Please join me in congratulating Sri for running his longest duration (28 mins.. yesterday on his own) and also the longest distance (4.03 kms with me :)).  Congratulations Sri!!!  I have also seen Navin being extremely regular with his running routines and he has just seem to have crossed his 2 kms mark Goog going Navin!!!.  I also strongly encourage you to share your stories in this forum.
I'm really not upto date with the activities of others.  Lets spend some quality time on this Saturday to understand this and also devise some plans.  I have some interesting routines lined up for all of you.  Get ready to sweat!!!
I will not be able to join the kids today evening.  I will see you at 6.30 am on Saturday.
One more thing,  I haven't received the declaration and the application forms from most of you.  Please note that its mandatory for all of you to submit the forms.  I've attached the PDF version and request you to take a print out and fill in all the details before we meet on Saturday.

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